Sustainability Report 2022
Zeppelin Group
Sustainability Report
Our goal for 2030: to become a CO₂-neutral and sustainable company in day-to-day business operations. We are working towards this every day together with our customers and partners.
Financial Sustainability
Success through
For Zeppelin, economic sustainability is a basic prerequisite for securing long-term economic success and maintaining and expanding our competitiveness.
3.8 Bio.
euros revenue
employees took part in Group-wide compliance training
employees participated in the data protection training
ideas have been received by Zeppelin within the Z IDEA idea management programme
received Zeppelin as overall grade in an independent corporate issuer rating by Creditreform Rating AG
2,584 Mio.
euros was the purchasing volume of the Zeppelin Group
Our goals
We see every challenge as an opportunity and work with targeted CSR initiatives and together with our customers and partners to achieve our goals.
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High compliance training rate of over 80%
Avoidance of data protection violations through ongoing information to our employees and training
Identification of possible risks, particularly in relation to human rights violations
Training of employees and managers on the Integrated Management System and Group-wide CSR issues
    Social Responsibility
    How We Shape the World
    Around Us
    In addition to ecological and economic responsibility, social commitment is of great importance. As an attractive employer, Zeppelin supports and encourages its employees in order to inspire them for the company in the long term.
    employees in the Zeppelin Group
    is the Group-wide health rate
    9.7 Jahre
    years average job tenure
    percentage of women within the Zeppelin Group
    apprentices are part of the Zeppelin Group.
    1.3 Mio.
    euros were donated by the Zeppelin Group in 2022
    Our Goals
    In addition to our economic and ecological goals, we want to provide our employees with the best possible working conditions within the framework of comprehensive social standards, operational safety and health protection measures and fair development opportunities.
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    Maintaining the average length of service at a level of at least 9.3 years
    Reduce work-related accident rate by 10% annually by 2025
    Increase the share of women to at least 20 % by 2025
    Increasing the health rate to at least 97% by 2025
      Environmental Sustainability
      Our Planet
      Our Responsibility
      For Zeppelin, ecological sustainability is a basic requirement for an active contribution to environmental and climate protection. This corresponds to the infinity principle, which is anchored in Zeppelin's nature as a foundation company.
      fewer CO2 emissions compared to the previous year
      less waste compared to the previous year
      of electricity and heat consumption were saved
      Zeppelin sites are located in areas with very high water stress
      Our goals
      Ecological sustainability aims to protect the environment and our natural resources. We therefore cultivate a conscious approach to water, energy and finite raw materials. At the same time, it is our goal to reduce emissions that are harmful to the climate and the environment.
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      CO2 neutrality by 2030 in ongoing business operations
      Reduction of electricity and heat consumption by 1% annually in the period from 2021 to 2025
      Greatest possible resource efficiency by avoiding and reducing waste
      Reduction of fresh water consumption by 30% by 2030 (base year 2021)