Sustainability Report 2022

Sustainability organization

The Group Management Board and the Chairman have overall responsibility for sustainability. A separate CSR department in the Group Management Board, under the responsibility of CFO Christian Dummler, promotes the anchoring of sustainability topics and manages and coordinates overall development across SBUs and countries in the Zeppelin Group.

The Sustainability Officer of the Zeppelin Group who reports each month directly to and is appointed by the Group Management Board, coordinates stakeholder management, manages the further development of CSR topics throughout the Group, drives forward the further development of the sustainability strategy within the individual SBUs, is responsible for sustainability communication, and prepares the annual sustainability report.

CSR organization in the Zeppelin Group
CSR organization in the Zeppelin Group

For the action areas defined as material, a contact person is appointed at Group level, who drives forward the implementation of the targets, analyses the performance of the defined KPIs and agrees on suitable measures to ensure that the targets are achieved. The departmental responsibility for CSR is defined at the management level within each SBU, and responsible CSR managers are appointed at the working level. These CSR managers regularly report to the Sustainability Officer on the progress of sustainability management within their SBUs. The CSR Steering Committee advises on current key topics at least three times a year, reviews the effectiveness of the measures, and ensures continuous improvement in the individual areas and thus overall for Zeppelin’s sustainability performance. It includes the responsible Group Managing Director, the Managing Director responsible for CSR at SBU level, and the central CSR office. The Supervisory Board is involved in significant decisions and is kept informed by the Group Management Board. Example presentations include the adopted modernization strategy for owned buildings (see section on carbon neutrality) and the overview of CSR investments made. At the end of 2022, regular reporting for the Supervisory Board was also started. In the future, a report on CSR will be presented three times a year.

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