Sustainability Report 2022

Group and sustainability strategy

As a foundation-owned company, Zeppelin is committed to the infinity principle and assumes responsi­bility in the areas of the economy, environment and society. Sustainable corporate governance is naturally a prerequisite for Zeppelin if we are to make an authentic long-term contribution to the environment and to society as a sustainable and economically successful company, based on the strength of our corporate culture.

Sustainability is fundamental to future-proofing Zeppelin and is anchored both the corporate strategy and corporate values. Stakeholder concerns are taken into account when defining the sustainability strategy, whereby compliance with the applicable sustainability standards is a matter of course for Zeppelin. The Zeppelin Group’s established standards are being implemented in less regulated countries. The Group Guideline on Sustainability defines the understanding of sustainability at Zeppelin, as well as its responsibility and focus in the action areas defined as material.

The goals of Zeppelin’s Group-wide GPS strategy are continuous growth (Growth), outstanding performance (Performance) and sustainable stability (Stability):

Growth aims at the continuous growth of the Group. Based on established business models and new, forward-looking business areas, the company’s range of services is constantly being expanded in order to ensure its competitiveness.

Performance stands for the outstanding achievements of Zeppelin employees. They recognize the customers’ needs, use their skills in a targeted way, and offer perfectly tailored, efficient solutions.

Stability aims to ensure the long-term stability of the Group. Weighing up opportunities and risks during decision-making processes creates an environment that offers long-term stability, thereby ensuring the company’s future competitiveness. Sustainable corporate governance ensures that environmental, financial and social aspects are viewed with equal priority, ensuring that sustainability management is lived and breathed in the organization.

GPS strategy of the Zeppelin Group
GPS strategy of the Zeppelin Group

To incorporate sustainability topics into the corporate strategy, focus topics from the CSR area were included in the Zeppelin Group’s annual Call for Strategy from 2020 to 2022. The Call for Strategy is initiated by Group Development on behalf of the Group Management Board and determines the key focus topics for the annual further development of the strategy for the Group and the SBUs. In 2022, the supply chain and supplier management was analyzed with the aim of ensuring sustainable procurement. With regard to the supply chain due diligence law (“Lieferkettensorgfaltspflichtengesetz”) adopted in summer 2021 in the Federal Republic of Germany and the expected regulation by the European Union, appropriate preparatory measures have already been initiated. These will be gradually expanded and progressed (see section on Supplier Management).

Key topics of the sustainability strategy in recent years in the Group Strategy Call
Key topics of the sustainability strategy in recent years in the Group Strategy Call

Zeppelin’s sustainability strategy also takes into account the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are intended to ensure sustainable development worldwide at an economic, social, and environmental level. The chart on the bottom right shows the main impact of Zeppelin’s sustainability goals on the SDGs.

Link between Zeppelin’s sustainability goals and measures, and the SDGs
Link between Zeppelin’s sustainability goals and measures, and the SDGs

CSR Week

Conveying knowledge, promoting discussion and creating a deeper understanding of corporate social responsibility – these were the goals of the first Zeppelin CSR week, which took place January 24-27, 2022, in virtual form. Over 1,500 participants worldwide watched the four online events in German, English, Russian and Czech. At Zeppelin there is a very profound commitment to corporate social respon­sibility – as was impressively demonstrated during CSR Week. In addition to the presentations, a CSR quiz was organized for employees, with the winners able to select a charitable organization to which Zeppelin then donated EUR 1,000.

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