Sustainability Report 2022

Customer health & safety

GRI 403-7, 3-3

Zeppelin attaches great importance to the health and safety of its customers and this concern plays a significant role in all strategic business units. Despite the diversity of industries in which Zeppelin operates, there are topics that are of particular relevance for all strategic business units.

In the course of product development and the implementation of our customers’ requirement specifi­cations, we deal intensively with domestic and international regulatory requirements. This area is particularly relevant for the Plant Engineering SBU and Power Systems. Aspects from occupational health and safety are already taken into account in the innovation process and consideration is given to the risk assessments of the manufacturing process and of the substances used. In addition, risk analyses and assessments are created for the products. To ensure a uniform level of protection for accident prevention for machines, the plants are subjected to a risk assessment. A CE Officer is available to prepare the declaration of conformity. In the case of the Power Systems SBU, these are called CE Coordinators. Depending on the project, safety concepts and studies (e.g. explosion protection concept, “Hazard and Operability” studies) are drawn up and “Safety Integrity Level” classifications and calculations are performed. The plants and machines are then put into operation by trained personnel so that the functionality and safety for the customer are ensured. The procedures are recorded in internal processes, procedural instructions, and forms. As part of the handover, customers are trained on the use and possible safety-relevant aspects.

Particular attention is paid to safety when handling our products. Training sessions are therefore provided for customers to ensure that the machines are handled safely. Experienced machine operators work more safely, protect their machines, and use fuel sparingly. At the company’s own training center in Kaufbeuren, the basic technology for Caterpillar construction machines can be learned or driver training can be organized within the company. In addition, practical online courses and training in the simulator are available in two different driver’s cabs. More information on all activities can be found here.

Within Zeppelin Power Systems GmbH, the state-of-the-art training center in Achim offers high-quality technical training on all aspects of our products. For rentals, specialized and customized instruction is provided for the equipment. Proper instruction is essential to the prevention of accidents, especially for new, private and non-industry customers. The procedure is set forth in the procedural instruction for the commercial processing of rental equipment.

In addition, product safety information for customers is provided and further information and detailed data sheets about our products and services are presented on the respective websites of the companies.

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